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Distilled with 100% premium Indica rice, Kujira Ryukyu Whisky is aged in selected Sherry, Bourbon and White Oak Virgin casks for more than 30 years in Okinawa, a beautiful southern tropical island of Japan with warm and humid weather all year round.

This unique expression brings full body and smooth experience, with notes of ripe berries which come to the fore while woody tannins that have been ripened for years bring the puckery sourness of Chinese herbs. A hint of nectar and woody character linger long after taste. Decades of maturation gives off deep woody scents of toasted oak barrels, and leaves a pleasantly strong flavour and long-lasting sweetness.

Tasting Notes

  • nectar, caramel, heavy wood smoke of antique furniture.
  • smooth and supple with complex tones of fruits citrus, caramel pudding, dried persimmons, sugar and rich ripe berries; wood tannins bring the puckery sourness of Chinese herbs.
  • little nectars dotted among smell of wooden barrels with a long lingering finish of sweetness.
  • Sherry, Bourbon and White Oak Virgin Casks
  • Masahiro Distillery
  • 43%
  • 700mL & 750mL


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