The Okinawan Craftsmanship behind Kujira Ryukyu Whisky

Kujira Whisky stands as a rising star among globally recognized Japanese whiskies as one of a kind popular whisky category distinguished by its ingredient and production in the unique subtropical climate that allows for early maturation with bold and rich tasting profile.
Within this challenging yet rewarding environment, the artistry and dedication of Okinawa's 500-year-old tradition of strong spirits production bring forth exceptional whisky, constantly evolving from the wisdom of previous generations.

However, the pursuit of crafting the world's finest whisky knows no limits. Our artisans persistently strive for improvement, refusing to settle for mere satisfaction, and aspire to perpetuate the spirit of Okinawa's craftsmanship into the future.

How to make KUJIRA Ryukyu Whisky


The main ingredient is selected Indica rice, which serves as the foundation for Ryukyu whisky. Long grain Indica rice is extremely suitable for making exceptional Ryukyu whisky compared with other types of regular rice ingredients.

(Rice Malting)

The raw ingredient of rice is made into rice koji by using unique black koji mold, and then steam and add east to make moromi (solid mass of swollen rice grains)


Water and rice koji (moromi) are combined with Awamori yeast to initiate fermentation. The fermentation process is meticulously carried out for a duration of 10 to 14 days.


The matured moromi (rice wort) is double distilled through a traditional pot stills.


The rich aromatic new-make is aged handpicked white oak barrels and it achieves a unique deep amber-colored whisky under warm climates of the Ryukyu island.