Brand Name Origins

Kujira means ""whale"" in Japanese. The whale is a symbol of liberty, generosity and peace.
The people of Ryukyu and Okinawa consider the whale, the largest creature in the natural world and abundant in the Pacific Ocean surrounding the islands, as the guardian of peace and nature. Just like the whale and the tranquil moments spent in the nature of Okinawa, we wish for you to enjoy our whisky, experiencing a sense of magnificence and serenity.


Kujira Whisky is made from selected Indica rice and utilizes the unique black koji indigenous to this region for saccharification, fermentation, and distillation. It achieves a distinct deep amber-colored whisky that has been matured in oak casks. The Ryukyu Islands are a subtropical archipelago located at the southernmost tip of Japan. The year-round warm and humid climate accelerates the maturation of whisky several times faster than in mild climates, enhancing the unique aroma of rice and creating a rounded body.

Spirits are a reflection of the environment in which they are produced. Scotland is renowned for its high-quality barley, making it a major producer and pioneer of malt whisky. On the other hand, the United States, with its corn production, has made bourbon whisky a globally popular spirit. Similarly, rice is a staple food in Japan and an essential representation of Japanese culture. In ancient times, the people of Ryukyu crafted distilled spirits and presented them to the royal court. In modern times, barrel-aged spirits became popular among the American soldiers stationed in Okinawa. It is also known as Ryukyu Whisky.

Born from the unique terroir and brewing techniques of the Ryukyu Islands, the ""Kujira Ryukyu Whisky"" represents a new type of spirit that is destined to become a leading presence in the world of whisky.